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We firmly believe that "employees" are the most valuable assets for the Company, and talents are the key to the Company's leading edge. In order to foster talents, the Company is devoted to building a comprehensive training system with enhanced quality and optimized approach, which provides diversified learning opportunities and nurtures talents that will lead to sustainable development. While facing the difficulties in improving human capital, FENC is eagerly promoting an organization that encourages learning to bring mutual growth and win-win for employees and the Company.

The planning of training programs is conducted based on company strategies and organizational development. In addition, the Company conducts surveys to collect employee feedback as references for annual training. The courses provided foster professional and management skills. From time to time, the program also offers courses on industry and other trends. Employees are encouraged to take courses outside the Company as well to improve agility in adapting to the ever-changing environment.

To help the Company and employees advance swiftly in adapting to an environment that is changing at an accelerating rate, the Company is avidly promoting digital learning. FENC has launched online book management system, e-book platform, online learning platform and online English learning platform, creating an innovative and diverse environment for learning. Employees may acquire knowledge without the constraint of time and space, and apply what they have acquired toward the workplace to continue polishing their performance.

FENC Academy, an online educational platform exclusively for FENC employees, integrates multiple issues and subjects into materials that can be easily digested through digital and systematic approaches. As of December 2018, FENC Academy has offered 103 courses with 1,469 employees enrolled. Additionally, the program offers 21 different tests, and a total of 1,879 employees have taken those tests.

In 2018, the Shipping Department provided course materials and worked with Oriental Institute of Technology in developing the curriculum for "Import/Export Trade Operation." Currently, 10 course units are completed. Six courses are online during the first quarter of 2019, ready for new employees in international trade.

In response to rapid corporate growth, the Company must enhance its core abilities, including innovative capability, decision-making and knowledge of market trends. Leader Campus of Commonwealth Magazine, which started in September 2018, encourages employees to utilize spare time to strengthen competitiveness for the future. Within the last 4 months of 2018, the courses had been viewed 6,759 times. On average, each person read 31 articles.

Through multiple training options, FENC provides a wide array of programs for employees to choose from, including courses on professional skills such as computer and language. Employees may select the courses that will improve their professional capabilities. Meanwhile, the Company also offers lectures that address topics such as finance and health management to help employees drive professional growth and potential, maintain physical and mental health, enrich career planning as well as promote self-fulfillment.

 TTQS Silver Medal Award (for Businesses)

The Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor, Executive Yuan launched a Taiwan Talent Quality Management System (TTQS) as one of the highest standards for the designing and execution of training programs offered by the human resource departments of various businesses. With the spirit of continuous improvement, the Company adopted the TTQS to optimize training management and increase training quality. The Company's effort was recognized in 2017 when it received a TTQS Silver Medal Award for businesses. 

The public data released by the Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor show that only 5-7% of businesses were awarded the TTQS Silver Medals or medals of higher ranks.

As a response to the Company's overseas expansion and workforce needs, FENC strives to offer a comprehensive training blueprint and sound learning environments to meet the career needs of employees and attract more talent. The reception of the national training standard award is a recognition of not only the training quality at the FENC Human Resources Development Center but also the general effort that the Company has put into talent development.



2018 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards – People Development Award




FENC provides training on management skills such as corporate and plant management. The Company also provides training on professional skills tailored to each Business as an incubator for professional staff that suits the Company's need. In 2017, the Company utilized cutting edge technology and initiated 3D virtual smart training, online legal training, cloud library system and online education course. By providing new learning options that are convenient, employees may choose to undergo training anywhere, anytime, thus increasing their willingness to learn with better outcome. The remarkable results on fostering talents have won the Company 2018 TCSA – People Development Award. While confronting difficult challenges from the overall environment, the Company will continue to create win-win by building a learning organization that nurtures the growth of the Company as well as the employees.



►Average Number of Training Hours



   2016 2017 2018
Director/Section Chief and above Male 48.58 38.01 35.29
Female 70.05 40.13 35.15
Total 54.33 38.64 35.25
Office Clerk Male 19.40 36.24 31.13
Female 22.21 18.70 26.50
Total 20.38 30.04 29.50
Factory Workers Male 25.08 17.83 27.04
Female 13.45 10.68 16.72
Total 17.63 13.34 20.57
Total Employee Male 25.46 29.47 29.85
Female 17.43 14.91 19.93
Total 21.26 22.04 24.85


  1. The average training hours for 2017 are higher because all employees at Hsinpu Chemical Fiber Plant in Taiwan must undergo quality management training as required for ISO 9001:2008.
  2. In 2018, FEIS included training that took place in a non-classroom setting in the calculation.
  3. In 2018, production sites in Vietnam added skill training, Chinese training, internal instructor training, and specialized training for managers.

►Type of In-class Training and Detail

Type of Training Detail
Orientation Training Orientation training assists the new recruits to understand and adapt to the corporate culture, value and overall goal, have an overview of the organization, human resources policy and products from all Businesses. The training will enable them to quickly fit in and adapt to the work environment, which will ultimately increase staff retention.
Specialized Training Specialized training is tailored to provide the knowledge, skill and approach necessary for each Business to develop the capabilities necessary for required duties. The training covers both theory and field practice, which is taught by instructors with select credentials, or the training may also take place at an external professional institute.
Legal Training In order for workers to be knowledgeable about the safety and health precautions and proper conduct, to reduce occupational hazards and to comply with the requirements on occupational safety and health training, arrangements are made for workers who operate machineries to obtain required licenses to fulfill their duties. They also undergo training and retraining within the required time frame to ensure that staff is equipped with the proper knowledge and skills.
Project Training Project training provides special training that is tailored to the requests from each department, such as courses on physical and mental health as well as industry and other trends. The training is conducted as special projects, and courses are offered after qualified instructors are carefully selected.
Competency Program

FENC provides trainings for employees at all levels to develop the skills they need to perform their duties. The Company also clearly defines the competency required and corresponding conducts to identify the training focus for each level. The Human Resources Development Center collaborated with Yuan Ze University and developed the Competency Program, providing 23 courses that target 13 capabilities to build a structural system that fosters competency. The curriculum allows employees to communicate in a consistent language and manner of logical thinking. The courses aim at teaching the knowledge and skills in diverse approaches. Participants discuss case studies and scenarios as well as integrate theory and practical experience to improve results.

The 2018 curriculum focuses on "innovation". After discussing with all Businesses and develop shared needs, the courses target different levels to provide opportunities for cross communication and enhance inter-departmental integration and execution. In 2018, 440 participants enrolled in the 19 sessions offered.

New Century Executive Training New Century Executive Training is designed to develop the ability and experience needed for the senior vice president position. Using case method, faculty members from prestigious universities in Taiwan are invited to teach the basic theories and applications supplemented with practical knowledge from field experts. The training covers both theory and practical knowledge and develops decision-making, problem-solving and logical thinking skills necessary for a manager. The training develops the Talent Pool that addresses the futures needs of organizational development. The program offers 16 courses. Two sessions have been conducted since 2014. As of 2018, 86 supervisors have completed the training and over 50% have been promoted.

Lifelong Learning


 Conduct Institutional Knowledge Course Series

In a capricious world that is increasingly competitive, passing down institutional knowledge is the cornerstone for improvement and innovation. It is also an important lesson for the continuation of corporate growth and sustainable development.

FENC arranged for the junior management staff to pass down work-related knowledge and skills to their subordinates. They serve as mentors guiding the way and pass down their institutional knowledge.

In 2018, FENC scheduled 5 sessions on "Job Instruction" and "Internal Instructor Training" and trained 130 seed instructors. The Polyester Business offered the "Job Instruction" course to teach participants ways of breaking down work structure. The course teaches uniform lesson plan, format and documentation. Within 10 months after the training concluded, 1,411 work breakdown structure tables were completed. In addition, the Business offered almost 500 courses on professional knowledge for newcomers. The Textile Business programed special courses to train internal instructors to elevate course quality and presentation skills, and to pass down the knowledge and experience they have accumulated.


 Team-building Camp

Effective teamwork may improve team performance exponentially. In order to build cohesive teams and improve organizational performance, the Polyester Business held a 2-day training camp in 2018. A total of 268 employees participated in the 4 sessions with over 95% satisfaction. High-level managers from the production and business sites led the team members during the activities. Team members work together on formulating annual strategies, directions and goals. The course and activities help them bond with each other, building consensus, friendship and trust, which will enable them to work more effectively as a team in the future.


 Aligning with Smart Manufacturing Trend with Training on Industry 4.0 and Corporate Visits

Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing create new opportunities for the future of manufacturing. In order for the management to understand corporate development strategy and applications of industry 4.0, FENC worked with Yuan Ze University and developed 4 courses on "Industry 4.0". In the third quarter of 2018, a total of 19 sessions were conducted in Taiwan and China with 702 participants.

In addition, the Polyester Business arranged for 42 participants, including members of "Smart Manufacturing Promotion Team" and management staff from the business units to join the 2-day training camp. During which, IBM experts in AI and smart manufacturing shared the success stories from the international community. They also had hands-on experience during their visit to Advantech. The course concluded with a team competition and each team presented the direction for their specific practice.








Performance review at FENC includes probation review, regular review, project review and annual review. Regulations for each are clearly defined and strictly followed. A minimum of one round of employee performance review is conducted each year to examine employees' annual contribution to the Company, achievement rates and progress in order to help employees improve work performance and competency while discovering opportunities for career advancement. The measures help employees develop their full potential and maximize their contribution to the Company. The annual review serves as a reference for salary adjustment, bonus and career advancement. It is also an important reference for promotion and dismissal.

With the exception of interns and foreign employees, all employees who have been with the Company for more than 1 year at business sites in Taiwan and Vietnam must undergo annual performance review. For business sites in China, all permanent employees must go through annual performance review. Performance review for foreign employees in Taiwan shall be determined by their supervisors based on their monthly attendance and production of Grade A products. Bonus is awarded based on the result of the review. In 2018, with the exception of employees who have resigned or those under leave without pay for over a year, all employees who should undergo performance review have completed the process.

►Annual Performance Review System

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