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CSR Outstanding Achievements and Activities Participation

Outstanding CSR Achievements


  Winning 8 Awards, Including 2018 TCSA and 2018 Global Corporate Sustainability Awards   



In 2018, FENC won 8 awards for the efforts, including 2018 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA) and 2018 Global Corporate Sustainability Awards (GCSA). Chairman Douglas Tong Hsu won the award of "Outstanding Corporate Sustainability Professionals."

8 awards include the The Most Prestigious Sustainability Awards - Top Ten Domestic Corporates for the first time and won 3 consecutive Best Report of the Year award. FENC also won the first GCSA for the Reporting Awards category. The triple crown is a testament for FENC's dedication in promoting sustainability. The 5 additional awards FENC accepted include 4 best performance of specific categories and the newly introduced English Reportage Award.



  Winning Top Honor at Global Views CSR Awards  



In 2018, FENC was the Winner of the Category of Manufacturing Industry for The 15th Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Award by Global Views Monthly. Chairman Douglas Tong Hsu accepted the award and joined the panel discussion.

Chairman Hsu shared the success stories of implementing CSR measures at FENC with the audience. FENC provides green solutions, including long-term R&D in green products, providing recycling, and reducing energy and resource consumption. Chairman Hsu also remarked on future directions, "In addition to sustainability, we still need to innovate. CSR requires never-ending efforts, and our work toward CSR will never stop. We need everyone to contribute."



Participation in CSR Activities

As climate change intensifies, governments and NGOs are urging corporate entities to focus on environmental protection and energy conservation. Corporate sustainability is a key indicator for stakeholders. FENC also holds the corporate performance on environmental protection, social inclusion and corporate governance to high standards. FENC responds to surveys and evaluations conducted by external agencies by intently engaging in stakeholder dialogue and actively participating in various forums and activities to ensure that CSR policies are all-encompassing, and that specific plans of action are formulated to address improvements needed to achieve corporate sustainability.

Becoming Member of CCS and Co-hosting 2018 Q4 Board Meeting

FENC became a corporate member of Center for Corporate Sustainability (CCS) in 2018. The convener of CSR committee and President of Administrative Headquarters, Humphery Cheng, served as the Director and expressed the wish to strive for sustainable development alongside other flagship enterprises.

CCS conducts quarterly board meetings. During which, the board presents the latest trends and progress in sustainable development to the chairperson, and invites scholars and field experts to speak to corporate members. FENC co-hosted the Q4 board meeting in 2018 and invited two speakers, Ms. Yvonne Li, who was President of Far Eastone Telecommunications Co., Ltd. at the time and President Chien-Fu Lin of Taiwan Institute of Economic Institute. They shared the approaches Far Eastone adopts towards sustainability and the latest economic trends.



CSR Captain Program

FENC's exceptional performance in CSR also caught the attention of the stakeholders. On October 27th, 2018, CTCI Education Foundation invited FENC to speak during the 2018 CSR Captain Program – Winter Action. FENC representatives introduced the CSR programs carried out by the Company.

Among those in attendance are teams of college students from Taiwan and other parts of the world. Keynote speeches by corporate representatives gave students insights into how CSR is implemented in corporations worldwide. The concept of CSR is now ingrained in the minds of these youngsters. The international students will be sharing FENC's CSR spirit with the world.


Seminar on Exchange of Manufacturing Technology in Circular Economy

On October 23, 2018, Chang Gung University, Yuan Ze University and National Chi Nan University co-hosted this seminar. During the event, experts from around the world shared their experience on circular economy. FENC was among those in attendance and discussed the manufacturing technology using recycled PET bottles, collaboration with adidas on manufacturing yarns out of recycled plastic ocean waste, and the use of water free dyeing technology to reduce water consumption, and exchanged comments with the experts.


Sponsoring CSR@ COMMONWEALTH and Co-creating New Value for Taiwan

In March 2017, the Common Wealth Magazine founded CSR@COMMONWEALTH, a website providing coverage on the CSR experience of corporations and NGOs to raise the awareness. In 2018, FENC sponsored CSR@COMMONWEALTH, advocate the spirit of CSR and create a brighter future for Taiwan.


Training on Corporate Sustainability and Competitiveness Improvement

Center for Corporate Sustainability and Cathay Financial Holdings co-hosted the training session on Corporate Sustainability and Competitiveness Improvement. FENC was invited to lecture on adaptability and risk management amid climate change.

FENC is renowned worldwide for the capability of manufacturing new products out of recycled PET bottles. Therefore, FENC chose "Technological Revolution of the Polyester and Textile Industry on Sustainability" as the topic and shared 30 years of exploration and pioneering with this technology. During the lecture, the speaker also talked about a proposal in 2016, which involves the use of recycled plastic ocean waste in manufacturing yarns. In 2018, FENC immersed in the research and development of reusing recycled textile in hope of enhancing the circular economy in the textile industry. The talk was well received by the audience, who discussed with the speaker about possibilities and alternatives to adapt to impacts brought by climate change.




Joining Alliance for Sustainable Development Goals (A‧SDGs) to Build Sustainable Development Platform

Alliance for Sustainable Development Goals (A‧SDGs) was founded in 2018 by stakeholders from wide-ranging disciplines, including corporations, governmental entities, academic and research institutes and NGOs to promote the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

A‧SDGs encourages members to actively engage in SDGs and voluntarily set goals on environmental protection, social inclusion and corporate governance. Members are also encouraged to make yearly commitments and implementation. FENC had been spearheading several CSR projects with goals related to SDGs. Identifying with the founding principles of A‧SDGs, FENC became one of the first corporate members of A‧SDGs and an avid CSR advocate.

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