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Promoting Product Marketing

We sell products to direct customers. To boost sales, the Company takes advantage of conference and exhibition opportunities to promote our quality products, brand culture and corporate value. We also closely monitor the needs of existing and potential customers.

Green Product Certification

Multiple products from FENC have received high-standard green certification, giving customers confidence and making them more willingly purchase our products. Listed below are the green product certifications that the Company has received, and the certifications are renewed and updated regularly to ensure compliance.

Product Quality and Safety Certification

The 2019 Taipei Innovative Textile Application Show (TITAS) was held from October 7th to 9th in Nangang Exhibition Center. A total of 350 international textile businesses gathered here to showcase their innovation. As the leader in the textile industry, FENC has presented its production mapping at the entry of the exhibition booth to illustrate the Company’s vertical integration and global deployment, highlighting the unrivaled one-stop shopping model that integrates up-, mid- and downstream production. The booth also features products from various business units. FENC attracted 344 participants to its booth during the show.

To give visitors’ a comprehensive view of FENC’s industry deployment, the exhibition booth features 5 zones – For People; For Home; For Packaging; For Industries; For Automobile. These applications are presented to highlight the significance of textile technology in our daily lives. It is also a display of the hard work from all business units.

FENC has been developing green solutions for years. Be it recycling technology or development of biomass materials, the Company has delivered impressive results. “Environmental protection” has been internalized as the corporate DNA. As customers grow more environmentally conscious, the concept is now the bestselling point for FENC. Aside from impressive product quality, FENC also leads the world in product solutions. The Company has the second largest rPET production capacity with production sites and business partners across the world. In the future, FENC will continue to increase its brand value, protecting the earth and environment by creating win-win for customers and consumers in the new century!


FENC has a long established presence in international sporting goods market, including annual participation in ISPO Munich, the largest trade fair for sports business in the world. ISPO Munich was founded in 1970 with top companies in the industry attending the event. ISPO Munich 2019 was held from February 3rd to 6th with over 2,900 vendors and over 80,000 participants in attendance, with 343 of them visited FENC’s booth this year.

Each year at ISPO TEXTRENDS, innovative products from around the world are rated by a professional jury. ISPO TEXTRENDS is a highly influential indicator of developing trends in the sporting goods industry . In 2019, FENC won the highest honor, ISPO Brandnew Winner, for one of its products. Two of FENC’s products were placed among TOP 10, and 4 among Selection.

The title of 2019 ISPO Brandnew Winner went to the innovative proposal, diPulse®. This proposal helps athletes increase training intensity while monitoring biometric signs to provide coaching tips on poses and body movements, which prevent fatigue and sports injuries. The information is synchronized to the cloud platform through an app to help trainees effectively achieve training goals.

By promoting company products at international trade shows, FENC can reach out to customers directly and establish its brand image internationally.

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